Center for Live Imaging of Cells at Karolinska Institutet

For a complete specification list of all the systems - please click here.

Deep tissue imaging

  • Zeiss LSM510 confocal/two-photon with Meta detector for spectral imaging
  • Custom built Light Sheet (COLM) system

Confocal imaging

with motorized stage for tiling:

  • Zeiss LSM800
  • Zeiss LSM800 w Airy scan
  • Zeiss LSM700

with manual stage:

  • Olympus FV1000 CLSM

Calcium imaging

  • Zeiss upright widefield
  • Zeiss inverted widefield

Live Cell timelapse (temperature & CO2-control)

  • Zeiss Cell Observer
  • Chip-Man Technologies Cell-IQ
  • PerkinElmer Operetta HCS

Image processing & analysis workstations

  • Imaris
  • Amira
  • Image-Pro Plus 3D, version 7.0
  • AutoQuant X3-CWF
  • Zen 2010
  • Cell Analyzer

Regular widefield fluorescence

  • Zeiss Axioplan 2
  • Olympus IX73



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